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New Business Launch - Rogue Bowstrings

Branding and Marketing are often two words that clients might understand but the general population does not.  At Nine Degree Designs we create brand identity that creates attention, an icon of your business.  We trust the creative design cycle will allow and attract customers to you because of the class and quality of your business.  When people see your brand identity we want them to connect to who you are, what you do and make a connection to your product.  Check out our latest campaign with Rogue Bowstrings. Be sure to click the link to their social media platforms and examine our work.

Existing Business - Breathing New Life

It is never to late.  Many business owners think that are to old for technology so they continue to do business the same way they have done since 1976.  Advertising to them is an annual ad in a phone book.  Nine Degrees North is here to tell you that it is never to late to stop wasting your money!  Nine Degrees North is here to take your business to new customers and open a new door for people to discover who you are organically. Although, we could help you even more for the same cost of your last print ad.  Currently, Nine Degrees North is working with a historical general store in Holmes County Ohio that has a innovative twist. Go ahead, check them out.  Whitmers' General Store and Whitmers' Pizza

Future Business - Planning For Expanding

Nine Degrees North is willing to stand with you from the very beginning. Our services offer you assistance creating a significant look and feel that you desire to portray.  We understand that sometimes plans don't develop as fast as we may desire in business.  We are here to walk step by step with you, even in the pauses of life.