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Matt Johnson received a Bachelor of Art in Photography in 1998.  His knowledge of photography has allowed him to travel all over the world both teaching and shooting photography.   

Photography Workshop

Professional Photographer and Teacher  Matt Johnson will 

unleash the power of your camera in 7.5 hours of instruction.


4  week  session  that will teach you all the basics of your camera:


*what every button is for and how to use your entire camera

     *Aperture Selection -  Using Creative Style in a photo using Depth of Field

     *Shutter Speed -  How to take Sports and Action Pics

     *ISO Selection -  How to get proper exposure

     *Understanding Manual Mode-  How to be smarter than your camera

     *Day / Night Photography-   Mastering the essential controls of a camera


Thursday January  16, 23, 30  6:30pm - 8:00pm  

Saturday February 22 9:00am - Noon

@ Oxford High School Room 402

Proceeds Donated to the Oxford Track & Field Program


Er kan momenteel niets worden gereserveerd
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